LMARS Fox Hunt

LMARS will hold its 1st annual Fox Hunt. You will need some type of antenna with a "null" to help locate the "Fox". Look at http://theleggios.net/wb2hol/projects/rdf/tape_bm.htm or search for WB2HOL on Google for some ideas on a nifty tape measure antenna. For best results we ask that you team up with another person. As we are only listening it is not required to have a license for this activity. A compass is also helpful and can be downloaded on your smart phone.

This will be a timed event. Each team will leave with several minutes between departure. A sealed envelope is given to each team. It must remain sealed to complete the Fox Hunt. If you become lost or in the wrong area you can open the envelope to get directions to the Fox. PLEASE OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS. Safety first.

As this is our first Fox Hunt we want to keep it a little on the easy side. As more members become better at this activity the level of difficulty should increase. I've done many Fox Hunts up North and its always a blast. I hope everyone will come out and enjoy a fun day with fellow LMARS members. The winner of this event will be the next Fox in the next hunt.

For additional information contact Jim KB2CUX or Shawn K4SWG.

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