The Seminole VHF Traffic Net meets daily at 7:15PM on the 147.285 MHz repeater with a PL Tone of 107.2 Hz and a standard +600 offset.

Except on the first Monday of each month, the SVTN meets on 147.555 MHz simplex.

Except on the first Thursday of the month, the SVTN meets only under emergency conditions. (LMARS meeting night)

The SVTN is an official net of the ARRL National Traffic System and maintains liaison with other recognized traffic nets. It is a training net dedicated to learning and practicing message handling and formal net procedures in a non-threatening, positive environment where more experienced operators are able to help those who are learning. We aim to teach by example, not by criticism.

In the event of a declared emergency and the Seminole County ARESĀ©/RACES Group is activated, the SVTN functions to support the Emergency Coordinator by relaying formal Priority and Health and Welfare messages into, out of, and within Seminole County and the surrounding area. The net also serves the county during periods of extended power outage by hosting communications between hams located in neighborhoods throughout the area as a function of the Neighborhood HamWatch Program.

Andy Gausz, KG4QCD
SVTN Net Manager

  SVTN Documents
  • Download SVTN Preamble (effective 12.22.17) (DOCX)
  • Download SVTN and Florida HF Traffic Nets (DOCX)
  • Download Radiogram Form (PDF)
  • Download Disaster Welfare Message Format (PDF)


  Other Nets
6:55AM FPTN Friendly Phone Traffic 3.940 Daily
8:00AM SFAN South FL ARES Net 3.940 Sat
9:00AM NFAN North FL ARES Net 3.940 M-S
10:00AM SWFTN Southwest FL Traffic Net 146.685 M-S
12:00PM FMTN Midday Traffic Net 7.242 Daily
5:00PM TPTN Tropical Phone Traffic Net 3.940 Daily
5:30PM NFPN North FL Phone Net 3.950 Daily
6:00PM FAST FL Amateur SSB Traffic Net 3.940 Daily
6:00PM SEFTN Southwest FL Traffic Net 146.610 Daily
6:30PM FMSN FL Medium Speed CW Net 3.651 Daily
6:30PM NFPN North FL Phone Net 3.950 Daily
7:00PM QFN All FL CW Traffic Net 3.547 Daily
10:00PM QFN All FL CW Traffic Net 3.547 Daily


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