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Coming up on March 3, 2021 the State of Florida will celebrate its 176th year as the 27th state of the Union on March 3, 1845. To celebrate this, Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society has asked the Orlando Amateur Radio Club and other neighboring clubs to assist them in running a weeklong amateur radio special event.

This is not a contest, but a fun operating event.

operation details

We will operate Station W4F within the General Class portions of HF bands 80, 40, 20, 15; 10 & 6 Meter bands (No WARC bands) as propagation conditions permit.

Date/time: February 27, 2021, 1500 UTC 10 AM EST; End March 6th 2359 UTC, 7 PM EST
Sponsor: Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society
Bands: 40, 20, in General Class segments
Recommended Frequencies:

We are expecting terrific conditions within the 20 and 40 Meters bands and suggest these approximate frequencies at first:

Mode: CW, SSB, Digital, all within General Class portions of chosen bands. We plan to operate FM & Linear satellite modes too.
Exchange: Scheduling:

All scheduling is done in 2 hour blocks. Please USE the SAME FREQUENCY as the PREVIOUS STATION. This will maintain continuity on the frequency. Try to stay within 5 KHz of the recommended frequencies.

W4F operators may choose their two hour session time, mode and frequency; one mode type on a band segment at a time as defined in the signup page. If you have any questions, coordinate with Stan WA4NFY.

Verification: Single Certificate for one or all contacts with W4F, available from 3830scores.com following this event
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We want this to be a fun event. An event that even the most novice of radio operators will have fun and learn. The concept is to make as many contacts as possible and to come and join the fun with us in Florida!

Florida has taken a huge hit in the economy because of COVID. With what we hope will turn out to be a light at the end of this long, long tunnel called COVID and the recent release of a vaccination, it is time to start planting a seed in the minds of all our friends to the north about what a great place Florida is to visit, especially in the winter.

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New club members are always welcome. LMARS has a monthly meeting where we attend to club business, hold a presentation related to Ham radio, and get together with other Hams.

As a member of LMARS, you will make a difference in taking part in club functions, operating at Field Day, and providing communications services at city events!

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