The Seminole VHF Traffic Net meets daily at 7:15 PM on the 147.090 MHz repeater. The formal part of the Net also begins at 7:15 PM.

Except on the first Monday of each month, SVTN meets on 147.450 MHz simplex.

Except on the first Thursday of the month, SVTN meets only under emergency conditions. (club meeting night)

One thing we need to remember is that we do not expect perfection. It is ok to be nervous. It is ok to make mistakes.

The net control job is a training ground in preparation for the time when each of us may be required by circumstance to assume a leadership role in a real emergency.

It is a chance to learn and refine a valuable skill.

It is ok to not be able to call the net tonight! Everyone has a time when life requires us to set priorities. If the NCS for a given night cannot be there don't worry about it! Somebody will pick up the net.

If the assigned NCS does not pick up the net within 1 minute of net time, the net can, and should be called by any net participant, and if I am on frequency, and can do it, I will pick it up. However, I will always hold back in case someone wants to jump in and give it a try.

Ham radio is what we do for fun! Enjoy it.

Andy Gausz, Net Manager

SVTN Documents
  • SVTN Brochure (DOCX / PDF)
  • Download Traffic Net Preamble (PDF)
  • Download a Directory of Various Nets (DOC)
  • Download RadioGram Form (DOC / XLS / PDF)
  • Download Check-In Roster For SVTN (DOC / PDF)
  • Download List of Florida HF Nets (DOC)
  • Download List of Florida Nets (DOC)

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