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Test sessions for amateur radio are administered by volunteer examiners.

a few points to remember
  • Register online for an upcoming testing session. Priority will be given to those who have pre-registered. This is a very simple registration. Visit Ham Study.
  • Register with the FCC for an FCC Registration Number (FRN), or search for your FRN if you have licensed in the past. YOU MUST HAVE AN FRN to take exams at a LMARS test session! Candidates seeking to upgrade their license already have an FRN! The FCC will not process any applications without an FRN. You must obtain an FRN before the session if you are unlicensed. To obtain your FRN, simply follow the instructions at this link.
  • All testing is held in person and will be administered digitally via tablet devices.
  • There is NO CHARGE to take exams With LMARS, but the FCC will charge a $35 application fee for first time licensees, paid directly to the FCC. The FCC does not charge an application fee for license upgrades. You will receive more information about this fee at the testing location.
  • You can take more than one exam at a session (but only if you study for them): Technician, General, Amateur Extra.
  • Plan on a minimum of 15 minutes for your exam session. Some sessions take longer if technology issues arise.
  • Let us know if you need any accommodations (such as large print, verbal exam readings, etc.)
  • You must bring a government issued Photo ID.
  • When coming to a test session, be sure to bring: Your current government issued Photo ID, any original CSCE you have, plus a copy if you are using them for exam credit, and your FCC Registration Number (FRN).
  • Don't delay! Pre-Register today! Then, prepare for the exam at Ham Study.

If you take a class the test may be given in-class. If you are upgrading your license or have completed some part of a previous test be sure to bring copies and the originals of your current license and CSCEs.


Upcoming LMARS Testing Sessions:

LMARS Sessions

Monthly testing will be held at the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office at 100 Eslinger Way, Sanford, FL. Please contact Bob Cuming and register in advance by clicking on the green LMARS SESSIONS button above.

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